BUMBLEette first Vito for BUMBLEance

BUMBLEance, the world’s first interactive children’s ambulance service has expanded its operations with the introduction of BUMBLEette, a new regional service which will provide free transport to sick children throughout Donegal and the North West region.

BUMBLEette, now the fourth Mercedes-Benz vehicle on the BUMBLEance fleet, will be used to transport children to and from hospitals, respite, treatment centres and hospices in a comfortable, child-friendly, stress-relieving manner.

Built on an extra-long Mercedes-Benz Vito 116 van, BUMBLEette is illustrated outside with cartoon-like ‘bumble bee’ imagery intended to bring a smile to young people’s faces and keep their minds off its serious purpose.

Complete with rear wheelchair lift and room inside for a driver and five seated passengers, BUMBLEette will enable the transportation of two children in wheelchairs with one carer each, or a driver plus a fully operational stretcher and four seated passengers.

Loaded with all the latest gizmos and interactive entertainment features found in its sister BUMBLEance vehicles, the BUMBLEette comes fully equipped with a TV, DVD’s, sensory lighting, music, books, games, consoles, Wi-Fi, social media streaming and a PlayStation – intended to keep its young passengers’ minds occupied during long journeys.

Speaking at the launch, Saoirse Foundation and BUMBLEance founder Tony Heffernan spoke of his goal to create an Ireland “where the fear and stress of an ambulance journey for a child no longer exists”.

Responding, Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles sales manager, Fergus Conheady described Bumbleance as “one of the most worthwhile projects that Mercedes-Benz is proud to have been involved in from inception”.